U.S. Treasury Building

North Wing Exterior designed by A. B. Mullett

Tours of the Treasury Building on Pennsylvania Avenue are available to the public on Saturdays by reservation only. There is now a preview of the tour via the Internet at http://www.ustreas.gov/treasury/archives/archive.html and worth a visit. U. S. Treasury Department's full color guide to restoration click here.

To help support the preservation of this building, an Association of members of people interested in the restoration and history of the Treasury Department is now operating. To find out more about the Treasury Historical Association, write to them at: P.O. Box 28118, NW, Washington, DC 20038-8118. For those who live in Washington, there are interesting programs on the building, on the Department of the Treasury and on Washington given during the winter months. Ornaments, calendars and other gifts are available for purchase from THA to help raise money for their programs and to aupport the various restoration programs for Treasury building, Docent Training program, historical research on the entire Treasury Department and other charitable activities.


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